Selective Push Options (and pull)

I shouldn’t have to upload my entire website every time I need to make an update. When you start getting 10GB and higher installations this is just not a good way of doing it.

Can we simply upload the files that we select? Like pushing the theme files alone would be wonderful. I do this now manually because it’s easier to just copy the theme files and upload them via FileZilla and far faster than pushing the entire site.

A selective push and pull would be wonderful.

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Thank you for the feature request @Andrew_Fair !

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I’d like to second this. I have a database of hundreds and thousands of users. Sometimes I just want to create a new page/post (which is saved into the database) and to push that to staging, I would have to push my entire database.

It would be great if we could select specific folders and database tables to push.

Delicious Brains has a plugin that does exactly this, but it’s a premium plugin. And it would be great if we didn’t need to install a third party plugin just to push our site to Kinsta.

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Agreed and subbing. This would be a nice feature (and friendly to Kinsta’s bandwidth).

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Completely agree and I was surprised to learn that when I push staging to live all of the data for my affiliates (using Affiliate WP is updated). I’ve been in touch with support and this was their response:

I would suggest working with your developer on what process you should use, but ultimately I’m afraid you’ll have to re-add the registered affiliates manually. We don’t have a feature to exclude tables.

Here is the process I follow.

  1. Place LIve site in maintenance mode
  2. Export the registered affiliates.
  3. Import the registered affiliates in staging
  4. Push staging to live

This is 1) a real hassle 2) will inevitable be overlooked / forgotten once and that means the Affiliates will be far from happy.

Really need a solution for this Kinsta as it kills the value of your staging to live functionality stone dead.

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This should be a priority request

Hi there @worldwildweb :wave: welcome to the Kinsta Community!

At this time, Selective Push is a feature that does exist in DevKinsta :tada:

Feel free to read more about it here and let us know if you have any questions:
link to docs


hi @Jake, yes i noticed the selective for the files but I’d love to see the same feature for the DB, I should have been more precise :slight_smile:
Especially when pushing to prod and there have been new orders, change on orders status on prod, unless you have a better idea to not erase the whole DB when pushing, from devkinsta to staging or prod, or from staging to prod?

Ah, thanks for the clarification @worldwildweb!

I agree with you, having the ability to push only specific tables would be beneficial for eCommerce/Membership sites since overwriting the entire database just isn’t reasonable in these situations.

I’ll share this feature request internally with our developers :slight_smile: