Get selective when pushing staged environments

An upgraded Push environment tool in the MyKinsta dashboard is giving Managed WordPress Hosting customers dramatically more power when publishing from staged environments.

New selective push functionality means customers can now deploy anything from entire sites to individual files or database tables from staging, allowing MyKinsta to support more development workflows.

How to use Selective Push in MyKinsta

Whether you have a free or premium add-on staging environment, the Push environment option is available any time a staged site is chosen from the WordPress sites list or from MyKinsta’s Jump to or search dialog, invoked by pressing CTRL + / (and also CMD + / on macOS):

Choosing a live or staged environment in MyKinsta’s Jump to/Search dialog.

The website pictured above has a Live environment and two staged environments — named Staging and Development.

In the image below, the staged environment named Development has been selected, and the Push environment button located above the site details shows that we have the option, in this case, to push to Live or the other staged environment:

Selecting a target for the Push environment action.

After selecting a target environment, you can choose which file and database assets you want to push.


  • All files and folders
  • Specific files and folders
  • (No files or folders)


  • All database tables
  • Specific database tables
  • (No database tables)
Selecting file and database assets to push from staged.

Above, we’ve chosen to push to Live only the folder containing our acme theme and the option to push any database content has been deselected.

To enable the push, the site name is entered in the confirmation field.

Below, a selective push of the database will send only the wp_postmeta and wp_posts tables to the target environment:

Selecting individual database tables to push from staged.

When pushing database tables, you can enable an automatic search-and-replace that will swap any references to the staged environment’s domain with that of the target environment.

Finally, below, a selective push of files and folders will deploy just a single CSS style sheet and the folder named assets from within our acme theme folder:

Specifying individual files or folders to push from staged.

Whatever selections you make when pushing from one environment to another, we’ll make an automatic backup of the target environment before beginning the action.

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