Questions/Feature Requests regarding Kinsta API and WordPress Hosting


Thank you for the community update.
I have some questions/feature requests for the Kinsta API and regarding WordPress Hosting. In which category should I create topics for the API and the WordPress Hosting? In my opinion, none of the current categories fit for these kinds of topics.


Hey @jorisbueter and welcome to Kinsta Community!
You are right, we don’t have a category for those two products, however, if you are a Kinsta customer, you can reach out to our support team via chat and share your feedback so that they can pass along the feature requests to the right team. If instead, you are not a Kinsta customer yet, you can send an email at


Hey @jorisbueter,

I’ve added a “Kinsta API” category to the main page of the forum with a questions and guides subcategory if you’d like to direct any questions there.

What Alessandro said about contacting us via live chat is still an option, but the forum is now also ready for your questions. Cheers!

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Hey @Alessandro @jeff,

Thank you for your answers and creating the Kinsta API category. @jeff Can you also create a category for WordPress Hosting?

Contacting the support directly is always a nice option to have, but I think it is also great to have an overview of the topics in the community and get information about the status of it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea @jorisbueter - We’re discussing this Internally. Historically we’ve kept all of our WordPress support through MyKinsta/Live chat, but I can definitely see the value of just having a place to talk about WP related topics.

We’ll have a decision a little bit later on this one. :grinning:

After some consideration, I’ve added WordPress to the forum as a place to ask questions/provide guides/help for all things WordPress.

I do want to encourage anyone having an issue with a hosted site at Kinsta to contact our support team via live chat (MyKinsta) as the forum team will not be able to effectively troubleshoot issues and there are concerns with privacy as well. That said, I’m really interested to see the types of questions and cool things that are shared there. :grinning:

Thanks for the idea!

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