Redirect for all countries but one

We’re hosting a wordpress site and have geolocation enabled.
I would like to set up a redirect rule for ALL countries except one. Is there a way to define that?
Otherwise, is there a list of all countries so I can create a CSV file for import?

Hello Yoni :wave: Welcome to Kinsta Community!

This kind of redirect would not be optimal to do from Mykinsta. Depending on where you would be redirecting from and where to, it might cause a loop or it might work, but with an extra step in redirect.

If this is in regards to a site hosted on Kinsta, you can contact our Support team to do this for you via NGINX, only Kinsta staff can control NGINX.

However, feel free to reply and let me know what URL would you be redirecting from and to.

Kind regards,
Vladimir M

Well - I’m actually trying to do a very simple redirect - from / to /my-site.
The purpose is to disable access to /wp-admin from irrelevant geographies where I know for sure anyone trying to access it from there is a bad actor.

Hi @yoni ! :wave:

That’s not a problem; if you contact our support team via chat, we can either set up a redirect, or even an outright geo-IP block for the site. That block or redirect can be set up for /wp-admin specifically, any other individual page or set of pages, or for the entire site if you would like.