Reload nginx no longer possible for alt root directory?

Can no longer reload nginx server?


nginx: [warn] the "http2_max_header_size" directive is obsolete, use the "large_client_header_buffers" directive instead in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:17

Originally, I was trying systemctl reload nginx found in this thread: Wordpress in Subdirectory - not loading the page - #3 by Michael_Luwado.

However, I think there have been some updates since this, because even the commands to install nano don’t work on Alpine Linux. I had to use apk update and then apk install nano. I’m now following this documentation from another thread to try and reload nginx.

Hi @emcaleb, , I’ve been able to use nginx -s reload.
Nginx should still reload in spite of those warnings. I believe some containers have been simplified to improve performance/reduce size.