Restore previous websites

Hey Everyone.
I’ve some devkinsta websites on my old PC but its windows is corrupted so I’m not able to access DevKinsta installed. However, I’ve managed to get all the files from it to my new PC. Is there any way, I can restore them to my new PC?

Hi @thehungrybird, so restoring the site files should be straightforward. It would be be a matter of recreating the sites on your new computer and pasting the files in. The database is a different challenge, though. You should have a backup.sql within each site’s home directory which can be restored with the Database Manager, however this might not contain the most recent database changes.
Docker uses mounted volumes to store the db data so there won’t really be an easy way for you to transfer the data by just copying and pasting. When mounted, your db data ends up here on Windows: \\wsl$\docker-desktop-data\data\docker\volumes\devkinsta_db_data\_data

I do not know if you can even reach that data from your new computer but I’ll leave this up to anyone who has had a similar issue.

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