Recover a local site DB from unbootable drive

I was working on creating a site locally, and I had not deployed it yet. I did a routine update of Windows, and the update failed, resulting in an unbootable drive. I backed up the drive to a separate external drive, reinstalled windows, and I’m trying to recover the database from my site. Where is the database stored on disk, so I can set up a new local server, and import it?

Hello @tmyruski. Welcome to DevKinsta and thanks for trying it out! Sorry to hear about what happened with your machine. Do you have Docker installed? Do the containers still exist? If so, you might be able to recover them using this method here. The database would be found within the Docker containers. More information on how Docker stores the data can be found here. I hope that helps!

My old system files are on an external drive (G:) and docker would be looking on my C: for the containers, so how could I move the containers from G: to C:?

(paste this path in Windows explorer)

Is the location in Windows 10 where the data of the db container can be found.

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Perhaps the info helps you recovering?

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