Seeking Insights on Prolonged Server Response Times and Cache Status for Specific Pages

How can I address prolonged server response times on my website https[:]//teraboxmodapk[.]me/, particularly for pages like “Vasco Rossi chi è, biografia, genitori, età, moglie e figli, canzoni, tour 2024, Festival di Sanremo, docu-film, libri, Instagram 2,” despite cache settings for 7 days? The X-Kinsta-Cache shows as ‘MISS’ and Cf-Cache-Status as ‘BYPASS’, despite no recent modifications. How can I investigate this further, and what logs should I examine?

Additionally, could you clarify the relationship between Kinsta’s cache and Cloudflare’s cache? How do parameters like Cf-Cache-Status and Ki-Cf-Cache-Status interact? What do ‘Ki-Origin: g1p’ and ‘X-Edge-Location-Klb: 1’ signify? Lastly, can I integrate my own Cloudflare account with Kinsta, and would doing so impact the Edge Caching feature?

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We noticed that your website is not currently hosted at Kinsta. If you are having trouble with server response time, it might be best to contact your current hosting provider for guidance. However, we have an article that may help you improve TTFB that you can refer to here: How to Reduce TTFB to Improve Page Load Times

For the HTTP headers:
The X-Kinsta-Cache headers refer to our page cache, which is managed at the web server level (Nginx).

The Ki-Cf-Cache-Status header is a unique header of Kinsta. It provides information on the status of our Cloudflare edge and CDN cache. The Ki-Cf-Cache-Status header takes into account the value of X-Kinsta-Cache. If the value of X-Kinsta-Cache is BYPASS, the edge cache will bypass the cache.

Similarly, the Cf-Cache-Status header is a standard header of Cloudflare’s edge cache. It works in the same way as Ki-Cf-Cache-Status but is used by Cloudflare for its edge cache.

It is possible for you to use your own Cloudflare account in conjunction with our Cloudflare edge cache. By doing so, you will have greater control over Cloudflare’s additional settings. However, please ensure that you take note of each feature’s compatibility, as outlined in the article below:

I hope you find this information useful. :slight_smile: