Set a default browser for DevKinsta

Is there a way to set a different default browser for devkinsta?

Hello there @corbin :wave: Welcome to DevKinsta community!

There’s no such option in DevKinsta to set which default browser to be used when opening a site.

By default when we click the “Open site” button in DevKinsta, the default web browser (that’s set on the operating system we use on our computer) will be loaded automatically to open that web/site’s URL.

So let’s say if Google Chrome is set as the default browser to access the website URL on our operating systems (e.g.: Mac, Windows 10/11 or Linux Ubuntu), then when a web URL is opened/accessed in any application (e.g.: DevKinsta in this case), the Google Chrome browser will automatically open up to that web URL.


sounds good. thank you.

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You’re most welcome Corbin! :smiley: