Share Project with my network

it would be very useful to be able to share the installation of a site with your network, so as to work on the project with the team.

This will allow you to:

  • To work together on a single project installation
  • Continue working from another computer
  • The project on the laptop, I take it with me, but I can share it in the office to work.

Often you work directly online because you have this need.
Hope you can implement this soon.

It would be great if you could also share online to show the project to clients.
But it would already be great to share it with my network.

Thank you


Thank you for the feedback @WoodyP ! We really appreciate it!

As a Kinsta customer, you do have the option to pushing the site to the staging environment which can be used as a preview to share the site.

ok staging, but I say a different thing.
I’m talking about sharing in the same local network.

If you have developed this software it is because locally you often work faster and also in situations where there is no line. But then it happens that you move to another computer, and you can’t work on the project.

Example I created the project on my 15 inch laptop and I want to continue working from the desktop computer with 30 inch monitor.

Or you can’t work with a colleague on the same local network.

Being able to share the project with the local network is very useful, because I can continue to work on the project from other computers or in a team, while remaining locally.

Got it! Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying on the feature request!

how can i share the site on the local network?
So you can test the site on multiple devices, or show it to a colleague.

Thank you

Hi @WoodyP . Welcome to DevKinsta!

It’s certainly possible from within Docker but currently not a feature we offer by default on DevKinsta. This may take a bit of searching if you’re interested in making this possible with your setup. I’ve moved this thread over to our Feature Requests category if anyone else is interested in this. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply, and thanks for considering including it as a feature, it is very useful in designing to verify from multiple real devices.

I’ll be looking for news on how to do it with Docker, do you have any links to recommend?
Thank you

Here’s a few articles I found that might be useful:

Thank you for the guide.

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Hi, I haven’t been able to do that.
Are you planning to introduce this functionality? it is really very useful for testing on multiple devices or continuing to work from other devices with a colleague.

Thank you

No updates at this time but it’s certainly a popular feature request we’ve been seeing!

It would indeed be very useful if the DevKinsta solution would allow to share a project on the local network, at least for testing purposes so that a site can be tested from different devices in the network, as also pointed out by @WoodyP
In the meantime though, I’m using this solution which works for me:

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Syncing code and database states with other machines can become quite complex, especially if more than one user is accessing or even changing the project at the same time.

But I think it’s possible by changing some folder locations:

  1. You can share your project code internally by moving the DevKinsta folder to a shared network folder. All computers need to run DevKinsta and use that same folder. But I’m not sure, if there are problems when multiple machines try to access the same files at once.
    → You can customize the location of your DevKinsta folder in the DevKinsta settings (the setting is called “Site Path”)

  2. The difficult part is, to sync the DB with all machines, as the settings of the devkinsta_db container cannot be changed. MySQL data is stored in /var/lib/docker/volumes/devkinsta_db_data/_data which is a location inside Dockers virtual machine. You could try to also move Dockers Disk Image to a network drive. Though, I can imagine that only one MySQL server can access that location at once - i.e. you can only launch DevKinsta on one machine at the same time.
    → Open Docker for Mac, click the cog icon to open the settings, in “Resources > Advanced” change the location of the “Disk Image location” and have it point to a shared network folder.

Note: Maybe can also use a symlink to have those two locations point to a network drive.

The other option is, that you use version control to commit/share code between machines. You just need to remember to commit and push your changes before starting to work on the other device. This is (in my opinion) the cleanest and safest way to avoid collisions and conflicts. The drawback is, that each machine has a different database state.

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