Re-syncing a Site

We’re looking for more of a way to resync websites. So we make some changes on local, push them out to production (eventually). Then we make some changes on the website on production and need to resync… what’s the most effective way to do that? is there a “sync with production” function somewhere in the works?


Hi @muletowndigital. Welcome to DevKinsta! The best way would be to remove the local site and import it again. Thanks for submitting this as a feature request!

Sounds good. I mean - we can use GIT to move files around, and WP Migrate DB Pro, but that was one of the nice things about FW and FW Local was you could just “sync” whenever you needed to. I’d go ahead and amend to say we need to be able to push to production as well. For some of our clients, staging is overkill and a big waste of energy. Thanks!


This absolutely needs to be a feature for this tool to be useful for development, or to compete with Local. I only installed DevKinsta a few days ago and was planning to use it for an existing project, but if I don’t have a sync, there’s no reason for me to run multiple tools (Docker, Local, + DevKinsta).

I’ll check back in a few months and see if this has been added. Looks great so far otherwise! Always good to see competition popping up.


Hi @mwaterous :wave: Welcome to the community! Thank you for the feedback and I’m glad to hear everything else is going well with DevKinsta :smile:

I’ll ensure that the rysnc feature request is updated with the dev team so they are aware of the additional interest!

Very interested in this feature too!

In my opinion this is one of the last and biggest features DevKinsta needs to handle the full cycle. Especially with the nature of Wordpress and how lots of the content that’s created is on the live site and needs synced back down to staging & local. Once we’re able to move data both ways, all the way through (without having to delete & recreate each time) we’ll happily scrap our custom scripts and use DevKinsta entirely.

Thanks for putting together such a useful tool, and for listening to the users!

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This would be a great enhancement! +1000 :smiley:

Hi everyone, just announcing that DevKinsta Version 2.6.0 now offers the option to resync files and databases!


Awesome - I can’t wait to test this out!! :slight_smile:

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