Sitemap is HTML page error

Hi, Kinsta community, I am new here, I need your help. I am facing this error in the Google search console

“Sitemap can be read, but it has errors, Sitemap is HTML Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead”

please help me to sort out this my site is on WordPress and link is (redacted)

Thank and regards

Hi @John128 :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

My best guess is that the URL you submitted in the Google Search console was not .XML page/URL but HTML page/URL. Similar to what’s reported/suggested here.

As I can see your sitemap is accessible (looks like you have Yoast plugin installed) and you could just add /sitemap_index.xml after your WordPress domain URL (e.g.: https://yourwpdomainanme/sitemap_index.xml) and you might want to use this URL format to submit in the Google Search console. This is not something that we (Kinsta) can control though.

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Hi, I am Emmanuel Katto from Africa and I’m facing the same problem in my WordPress website.

Hi @emmanuelkattoo

Are you facing the same problem in your WordPress site with the SiteMap error issue as reported in this post/thread (is there any specific error message you got)?
Have you tried the suggestion I shared above?

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Hi, not yet will try this method and let you know about this. Thank You!