All of My Sites Are Down!

All of my websites are currently down, showing a “Domain configuration pending” page. Also cannot access my Kinsta dashboard.

Same problem here. Can’t even login to Kinsta.

Same, all of my sites are down and the portal does not seem to be working either.

Same, 40+ sites all down and can’t even sign in to get support.

All of my sites are down as well right in the middle of shipping orders. This is insane.

It’s a Cloudflare issue. Kinsta is aware of it. Nothing we can do but wait.

Same here, all sites down.
Dashboard inaccessible.
Domain configuration page on all client sites as well.

For everyone else, here is a recent Kinsta status report indicating this is a CloudFlare problem: Kinsta Status - MyKinsta service disruption and the corresponding CloudFlare update regarding the issue: Kinsta Status - MyKinsta service disruption

Embarassing, the domain config error page makes it look like we don’t know what we’re doing

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Same and NOT HAPPY with the domain config error page, either.

My websites are back up. Hang tight everyone else.

My site is back up as well. Just going very slow at the moment.

I get it, things happen and sites go down. however, a bad error screen for users to see. would be nice if this could be improved so users understand it’s a temporary outage of a legitimate website.


I agree. Customers were asking if we were still in business. The page should not say Kinsta and should probably say something along the lines of “Temporary system outage. We will be right back.”


Yes, a more graceful error or maintenance page is wise.


That domain configuration page has got to go! It needs to be more white labeled than this. We have many many accounts. This was embarrassing; ideal would be that we can configure via kinsta worst case some nondescript page.

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Our site was also impacted, it looks like services are slowly starting to come back up again.

The worst part about this incident was not being able to access MyKinsta in order to raise a support ticket – ended up having to email which seems slow for something so urgent. Still haven’t received an official acknowledgement.

Cloudflare have reported the issue as resolved: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Pages, Workers KV and Cloudflare Access Availability Issues

Yes, agreed 100%, was my first thought as well.

To anyone reading this at Kinsta, please set up an alternative way to contact the Intercom support chat in the event of MyKinsta being impacted by CloudFlare. Emailing and not hearing back has been a painful experience tonight.

This issue highlights the fragility of having all of your eggs in one basket. Status pages and support channels shouldn’t be hosted on the same infrastructure or upstream provider as the production hosting services.

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Hi Everyone :wave:

We detected an issue with our services at approximately 8 PM UTC, causing sites across our platform, as well as features within MyKinsta, to stop working.

Upon further investigation, we discovered an outage on Cloudflare’s KV service, which Kinsta uses to handle traffic routing. This outage caused downtime on Kinsta’s platform for approximately thirty minutes before Cloudflare ultimately resolved it.

A status page was posted by Cloudflare at 8:03 PM UTC involving the incident and is available here: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Pages, Workers KV and Cloudflare Access Availability Issues

We continued to monitor the situation until it was resolved, at which point we started seeing sites and services begin working on our platform again.

Cloudflare then marked the incident as resolved at 8:35 PM UTC.

Due to the nature of the outage, our support team was overwhelmed with conversations and emails and you may have seen a delay in us getting back to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience or disruption this may have caused you or your business. We are already speaking with Cloudflare’s management about the incident and the steps to take to ensure this does not happen again.