Slow/Performance Issues with DevKinsta


My DevKinsta is very slow. I have 64-bit Windows 10 with 8GB RAM.
Docker and DevKinsta are installed on SSD drive C. The sites themselves are on regular drive D.
Is there a way to improve performance? Will adding 8GB to the RAM help?

Thank You!

Hi @Hadas_Kiriati . Welcome to DevKinsta! I’m sorry for the trouble there. 8GB of RAM should be more than enough as our minimum is 2GB and our preferred is 4GB. Are other aspects of your machine slow as well, or just DevKinsta? How’s the sites themselves performing?

I noticed the same thing. With almost the same machine configuration as @Hadas_Kiriati, my sites usually take around 50-60 seconds to completely uploaded into the browser. However, DevKinsta itself is reasonably quick to be loaded on my machine.

@cre8ivivision We do have another bug currently being investigated regarding website interactivity but this issue here appears to be with DevKinsta itself rather than the sites. Is that what you mean?

@michael Nope, I meant for slow website interactivity. I apologize for responding in the wrong thread.

@cre8ivivision No problem at all! I’ll close this one here to avoid confusion.