DevKinsta is extremely slow

Hi all,

For the last few weeks my DevKinsta has been extremely slow.
I work on a Macbook Pro & Google Chrome.

Previously, the environment was not the fastest, but workable. Now it’s so slow that I keep getting Gateway errors.

Do more people experience this? And more importantly, what can I do about it?



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Hi Laura,
Are you using the latest DevKinsta and Docker versions?
If so, you can increase the amount of resources available to Docker from its settings/Resources/Advanced. In order to apply those changes an app restart will be needed.


Thanks for your thoughts!

Docker was not completely up to date. But I was only a small update behind. DevKinsta updates automatically.

I have also just increased the amount of available resources, unfortunately no improvement yet.

:thinking: that’s interesting, how does it go when you try to install a vanilla WordPress site? Is it any faster when you create a blank site in DevKinsta? I wonder if some specific plugins is causing the slowness.


I have also noticed a significant DevKinsta slowdown across the board. Plugins definitely have an effect on this, but all of my DevKinsta sites have slowed down significantly recently. The ones that used to be slow because of plugins are now completely unworkable while others have become frustratingly slow.

I’ve increased Docker Resources significantly, but to no effect. Any other recommendations for things to try?

Tech Specs:
2020 Mac M1, 16GB RAM, Sonoma 14.0
Docker 4.24.0 - CPU limit 8, 12 GB Memory Limit, 1GB Swap, 160 GB Virtual Disk Limit
DevKinsta 2.11.0

Hey @Konstantin_Brazhnik :wave:

I can’t replicate this issue on my Mac so far, but since DevKinsta hasn’t been updated for a while, do you think it might have been related to a Docker update?
If you are willing to make a backup of your local sites (just to be safe) and make a test, you might want to try to downgrade Docker by 2 or 3 versions. I guess that would be the only thing that has changed over time :thinking:


Still extremely slow, I have all settings as recommended on other post, also on a Mac book Pro

Hello! I’ve just brought up our production site on DevKinsta. It is a large MultiSite, with 90gb of files and about 13,000 users. On any admin page (now that I’ve turned off XDebug) I’m seeing about 7 seconds to first byte. I don’t know whether to blame database slowness or filesystem slowness… I could try upgrading Docker to Pro, which would get me Synchronized File Shares and supposedly help performance. Has anyone tried this, and did it help?