SSL Issue Multisite

I’ve just started setting up a new multisite, locally, using DevKinsta.
But I’m having this problem with SSL.

On the DevKinsta dashboard, SSL is enabled, and my main site is working just fine.
However if I’m adding a new site to the multisite environment, SSL isn’t working.

Am I missing something? I’m pretty new to WP Multisites so perhaps I forgot a crucial step? :slight_smile:

Hi @Achilles101, thanks for reaching out. This guide might be helpful: How To Run a Multisite in DevKinsta With Subdomains

What sort of SSL error are you running into? If it’s something like this, you’ll have to click on “Advanced” and proceed. You’ll get this error if you are using subdomains that aren’t covered by the local SSL certificate

Hi @Kevin, thanks for the info!

I’ve checked my hosts file and everything is alright there.
And yes that’s exactly the SSL error I’m getting. When I click on advanced I’m able to continue through HTTP instead of HTTPS. I’ve noticed that SSL does work when I’m using a multisite with subdirectories instead of subdomains.

For now it’s not that big of an issue, but I was wondering what will happen if I go live?

The plan is to do some domain mapping so that each subdomain of the multisite refers to a new domain.
For example: will become Does this mean that the included SSL certificate won’t cover the subdomain sites? Or is there a way to use one SSL certificate to cover multiple domains?

Your welcome @Achilles101.
So when you Push the site to Kinsta Staging, subdomains you’ll essentially run into the same issue, however, MyKinsta allows you to add new domains to the site list/new SSL certificates. We have more info on the MyKinsta limitations for domain-mapped multisites here: Using the One-Click WordPress Staging Environment

Once the site is Pushed from DevKinsta to Kinsta our Live Support in MyKinsta will be able to guide you through process/provide advice on going live with all of your domains.