SSL Update Failed (Linux)

Hello I was using Dev Kinsta on Windows 11 No problem except slow as treacle. So I installed Ubuntu on Laptop and now Dev Kinsta runs super fast. Really happy. Only issue I have is that I get ssl update failed when I try to enable https. New user here. I checked through the forum. This seems an issue from over a year ago with no resolution yet that I can see. Can someone please advise a fix for this. Happening on all my sites Thanks in advance.

Hi @MemphisMark, thanks for reaching out. Can you please share your main.log file with me privately so I can see the error message?

@Kevin sorry not sure where the logs are or how to generate them. Total newbie here apologies lol

Hi @iMark64, I linked to the documentation here: DevKinsta Error Codes - Kinsta®

This part explains it:

You reach it from the DevKinsta help and support page.

@kevin sorry is this relevant to Ubuntu Linux as well as it just mentions macOS. Thanks

All versions have the “Reveal log file in File Manager” button on the Help and Support page. That will open up whichever folder your OS keeps the main.log file in:

You get there by clicking on the question mark in the bottom left corner of DevKinsta

Hi @Kevin I’ve sent you a pm with the attached log file thanks.

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Got it, Mark, thank you!

So this is a weird error that I’ve never seen before:

[setSsl] Error while setting ssl to true {
e: “Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/home/{yourusername}/.mozilla/firefox/”

Do you have Firefox installed correctly/can install it if not? Does that .mozilla/firefox directory not exist in your home folder?

I’m on Windows so I can’t really reproduce everything but if you are unable to troubleshoot with that information I can send our developers a message and get some guidance from them.

I think this has something to do with how self-signed certificates are installed on Ubuntu: Firefox: Installing Self-Signed certificate on Ubuntu - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Hi @Kevin
Sorry for late reply. Time difference here in UK and work commitments.
Firefox comes preinstalled with Ubuntu 22.04 there is no .mozilla/firefox in my home folder. Folder names with dot in front of them are system hidden so I checked all hidden folders. Definitely not there.
To troubleshoot I’m going to uninstall Firefox reboot system and see if ssl is working. I’m using Edge as well. Then I’ll try installing firefox again and see if that works.

I’ll let you know if that solves the issue or if I need more investigating from the developers.

Thanks again for the time taken and the support.
It’s been fantastic. I’m usually a Windows user. But to see how quickly devkinsta works on linux it just flies. I’m a convert lol.

Kind Regards

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Ha, I know how you feel @iMark64! I only dabble with Linux on the server-side so I’m not 100% comfortable with Ubuntu. Please let us know if you keep running into issues and I’ll reach out to our developers!

Hi @Kevin
So sorry for late reply too many work commitments lol.

Ok so I did notice that DevKinsta seems to depend on Firefox being installed.
It was installed but the file path where the hidden .mozilla folder is different to where DevKinsta thinks it is. I just created the .mozilla folder manually from the file path in the logs and it’s now working perfectly. Thanks so much for all your help.

Kind Regards


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