Staging site is not loading... what to do?

Help! I just created my staging environment to push my local changes to, which I just pushed my local environment to. However, when I open my staging environment URL, the page does not load.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get help?

I’ve ensured my PHP is the same version as local. I’ve disabled cache and also enabled Site Preview. What next?

I need to push these changes to prod, but I don’t want to until I can verify staging is working as needed.

Hello grnatog :wave:

Staging site usually doesn’t require Site Preview, even with custom domains. What is the site in question so I can check on our end?

Kind regards

Hello Grnatog,

The issue here is the www prefix. The domains only cover first-level subdomains… Adding a www makes it a second-level subdomain and our SSL doesn’t cover it for domains.

The solution here is to run a search-replace via Mykinsta or WP CLI to replace:


I’ve sent you a reply in DM as well. In this reply, I’ve redacted the actual site name and replaced it with ‘sitename’.

Kind regards