Static sites and routing

I am trying to create a static site that uses react-router-dom to handle routing. If the visitor goes to the top level of the site (e.g., the site works as expected. But if the visitor tries going directly to any route (e.g., the site returns a 404 Page Not Found error message.

Is there support for an .htaccess file, or a 404.html or 200.html file, that can properly intercept these attempts to access routes directly?

Hi @Jeffrey_Pinyan :wave:

If you’ve used npm/node to create.a react application, this might help:

Thinking maybe /about isn’t in your Routes list?

.htaccess isn’t supported like typical Apache or NGINX, because the routing would be based on nodejs/npm and your react app. So essentially you’d be making your known routes explicit, and setting the element on path="*" to {<NotFound />} or whatever you name the .js file with the react-router-dom export default function serving your 404 page, as per the above article.

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