Stop/Start sites!

Ayo just noticed this on startup, great job! :heart_eyes:

Now what would be really cool is; if on stopping a site a database backup could be automatically taken and dumped somewhere, like in the top level devkinsta/public/sitename directory! :pray:

ps. where do the databases live atm? Is there a docker directory somewhere that I can try to include in my workstation automatic backups?

Many thanks,

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Hi @designlobby, thank you for the feedback!

I like the database backup idea! Please feel free to submit it as a Feature Request! It never hurts to have more options for backups!

The running databases live on mounted volumes that are managed by Docker. There are console commands for making backups of volumes which you could automate to match your automatic backup times.

If you are on Mac, you’ll have to make sure you enable including VM in Time Machine backups. As far as I can tell that allows a full restore of Docker. There are discussions around the web about this, though.

Whatever method you choose, I recommend testing early on to make sure it works if you eventually need to restore!

Hey Kevin :wave: I made a feature request. Thanks very much for the other info! :+1:

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