Twig cache issue


I have a site that is using Twig for some custom functionality.

On Kinsta live/staging the cache for twig is stored in /tmp/twig (which is accessible from 5 directories above the /public directory).

But in DevKinsta I cannot access that folder (there’s only 1 directory above /public, the DevKinsta main directory), neither I can’t emptying the Twig cache.

Any idea on how to clear that cache?


Welcome to DevKinsta @dgrueda ! I’m not super familiar with Twig I’m afraid, but I’ll see if I can find more information on that. If anyone else has any ideas, please do share!

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I’m sorry for the wait here. Could you elaborate a bit further on the directory structure that’s being used here? Is everything inside public directory?

hey Michael!

Thanks for your reply.

I just solve it yesterday evening. I found the Twig config file and commented the line where it sets the cache route (I couldn’t access that route). It’s a workaround but it worked :slight_smile:

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