UI issue in the DevKinst App on PC - Site path

Hi there.

Just started with the app and want to set my path for local sites… But pointing the mouse over the folder icon or clicking it will turn the screen into white and the change don´t happen.

Important : This only seems to happens if the ‘language’ is set to ‘System’ or for me ‘German’. ‘Englisch’ works well.

Hi @shenom, welcome to DevKinsta!

The last time this happened it was due to some translation errors: Project destination folder cannot be selected - #7 by Kevin

Thank you for reporting this! I’ll let our Developers know so we can get this fixed as well.

Hello @shenom, it seems this should be fixed with the latest release of DevKinsta: DevKinsta Releases (Minor) - #12 by Kevin

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this!