Change / Replace the current site path / site folder

Althought Devkinsta provides us a site folder / site path for us to use, is it possible to use a custom sitepath hosted elsewhere on the network?



where do i change this?

Hi @Rosalito_Udtohan :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

I haven’t tried this myself, but perhaps you could try to “mapping” that local network address to a local drive on your Windows Computer , maybe try with something like this from the command prompt:


( you may change the z: part with any local drive you want to map/assign for that network path - as long as they don’t exist on your local computer . And be sure to create the “DevKinsta” sub-folder first in that other user PC)

Then, you may want to try from the same command prompt, if you can access that mapped network drive, with something like the following commands (one at a time):

  1. z:
  2. cd DevKinsta
  3. dir

if you’re able to access/list that “DevKinsta” sub-folder within that mapped network folder (z: or anything you choose), then you may want to change the “Site path” in DevKinsta’s Settings to point to that drive (e.g.: z:\DevKinsta\ … ).

Hopefully that will work!

Best regards,

Hi @Agus I checked the settings and my docker is using WSL so the site patch cannot be changed. Is it possible to change the sitepath without using WSL?

Oh OK, I didn’t know that you are using WSL2 :slight_smile:
It’s possible to disable it, just open your Docker Desktop, go to Settings → General, and then uncheck the option “Use the WSL 2 based engine” then apply and restart it (please also close DevKinsta completely)

Note that each time you enable or disable that WSL 2 based engine, your local sites may be removed/deleted (be sure to make backup first just in case).

After this, you can re-open DevKinsta and in that Settings page, you will be able to change that Site path location to another location/folder/path.

Best regards,