Version Control Support

Hi There,

I was wondering if DevKinsta would have any particular issues with creating a git branch for version control locally? Would there be any custom directories/files that are added onto a WordPress environment through this new feature, that would conflict with an already existing repository?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Juan!

Have you tried implementing the use of Git for local version control yet? I’d like to know if it is possible as well without having conflicting directories and files originating from DevKinsta.


Hi Sharma,

I did attempt to have the devkinsta environment be remotely linked to a github repo that was cloned to it. It unfortunately did not work as cleanly as I had hoped, and a lot of the configurations that involved the usage of the devkinsta environment on the local machine were broken afterwards.

However, since my original posting I have not retried it, so it’s possible that this could have been fixed since then, with patches and such.

Hey @shamajay ! Thanks for joining us here at DevKinsta! While you could technically do this already by initializing the local directory where the site is located, the push to Kinsta will contain all other git data as well that you probably don’t want pushed. A similiar issue I suppose to excluding node_modules someone else posted.

Thanks for the feature request!