More focus on local development

Hi devKinsta,

First nice work!
I used to work with Vagrant (resource heavy), Valet+ (can break on 1000 places) or docker (magic for me). But i like the simple app of devKinsta.

But what I miss is a nice place to separate the dev files from the generated files, so the SCSS and JS. Normally I use to work in a themesrc folder where alle the php, scss and javascriptfiles are locatied then I use Node (grunt) or webpack to generate the production files and copy the themefiles to a public folder where a wordpress installation is running.

Now I build a test with devKinsta where my dev version is in different folder and that works but it is kinda messy ussing refference like “…/…/devKinsta/public/project/wp-content”.
But it works! I would be very happy if I could config the structure of project for example:

public/content/themes/ etc

And from there I can run a complier or whatever in the root.
Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the feedback @seb ! I’m glad you’re liking DevKinsta :slight_smile: