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Hi all,

I’d like to view a site an a second device on my network. I’ve followed the directions here: How to Browse a DevKinsta Site from Another Network Device

When I enter the host machine’s IP address in browser on the 2nd device, I get a 404 error from nginx. Both devices are on the same network, same router, same subnet. Any ideas? Has anyone got this working? My host machine is a Mac, FWIW.


Hi @davejay, welcome to DevKinsta!
It looks like the recent update changed this process a bit so thank you for pointing this out!

For now can you try this fix:

Please open the hosts file of your non-DevKinsta device and add an entry for your site. That will just look something like this:

123.456.7.8 mysite.local

Replace 123.456.7.8 with the network address of your Devkinsta host device.

If that allows you to connect to your site with its hostname, you won’t have to change your wp-config.php .

Please let me know how that works for you and I’ll work with our team to update those instructions.

Thanks for the reply, Kevin. Alas, I was hoping to test my DevKinsta site on an iphone. AFAIK, it’s not possible to edit the hosts file in iOS without jailbreaking the device. If you guys have a workaround for that, maybe you could include that in the instructions update.

Ah okay no worries @davejay
I forgot about that issue with mobile. I’ll do some research on how to get this working for you. There’s definitely a way to change the NGINX configuration to allow IP routing again. I’ll get back to you tomorrow!

Hi @davejay, I found a quick way around this. Note this process will change once we finalize some upcoming features but this allowed me to load my Desktop site from mobile using the IP:

  1. go to ~/DevKinsta/nginx_sites and edit the .conf file that corresponds with the site you want to view.
  2. scroll down to the server_name and add on your host computer’s network IP
  3. After saving that file open Docker Desktop and restart the devkinsta_nginx container:

If done correctly you should no longer get a 404 and visiting the IP from your phone. Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you!

Hi Kevin, thanks for your support, I tried the steps above and still get the 404 on my iPhone.
Is there another workaround?
Thanks so much in advance!

Well, cleared cache and it works fine!

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