Website Interactivity is Slow

Welcome @remyjacobs ! Thanks for the info! That’s very helpful. Our developers are still looking into this. I’ll be sure to post an update here once we have something to share.

Same here fresh install, uploading media takes a 3 - 5 seconds. Admin very slow

Any news on this ? :slight_smile:

@AlbertVR Not yet I’m afraid. Sorry for the wait :slightly_frowning_face:

I am experiencing the same issues. Extremely slow page load times through DevKinsta. I’ve imported two different sites and they are both slow (5+ sec load times). This defeats the purpose of a local environment. I can actually save, sftp to staging, and refresh a theme file faster than it takes to refresh the DevKisnta local copy. Is there a way to be notified when this issue is resovled?

Hi @Joe_G. Welcome to DevKinsta!

Yeap! I’ll be updating this thread here.

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You can run this on Windows home. You have to have the preview release of Windows and you have to download and enable Hyper-V

malawarebytes throws an error, but I didn’t have any issues

I just installed it and I’m also having VERY slow load times, and it’s taking for ever to update plugins

@michael Any news on this speed issue on Windows machines?

@Joe_G Not yet I’m afraid. Are you still experiencing issues with the latest version released this week?

Upgraded to latest version today and can confirm the major slowness issue persists.

It’s been 3 months and still no solution from the KINSTA development team about the slowness that prevents from using this solution in a professional way. Honestly, you should be a little more active…

@ErikDeNice I’m very sorry for the trouble here. We’ll continue looking into this issue.

Same issue here. Could this be related to WSL 2? Every time I run DevKinsta I get the following warning from Docker Desktop:

Docker Desktop - Filesharing
Docker Desktop has detected that
you shared a Windows file into a
WSL 2 container, which may perform
poorly. Click here for more details.

Hi everyone. Thank you for reporting on this issue. We’d love to obtain additional information from those affected by this. We’d really appreciate it!

If possible, please let us know the following information:

  1. A screenshot from browser Inspect network activity that shows the network information from the affected site.
  2. The content of the hosts file. You can use cat /etc/hosts on your Terminal.
  3. The following curl output curl -s -w "@curl-format.txt" -o /dev/null https://siteName.local. Note: This curl command requires putting this file to the path where we execute the curl.
  4. Providing us with the HAR file from your browser

Thank you again and apologies for the issues here!

Thanks for the response @michael!

What method would you recommend for sharing the info with ya’ll but not the public? Email address, reference via chat, …?

@mattd Good question. You may DM it to me here, through chat, or email If you do use chat or email, please reference this thread here so it reaches me.

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I’ve been working with multisite over the past few weeks testing how it works. I’m now creating a brand new instance that I will push to my Kinsta account, but as I’m setting up the subdomain the site is running very slow. No content, no images and everything is correct in the hosts file, it is just super slow. Have there been any reports of this in the latest update?

Hi @Eileen. I’m very sorry for the trouble there. I’ve merged your topic with a reported bug here that others are experiencing. We’re still looking into this.

Hi. I have exactly the same problem. Win10, i7, 12gb RAM. Thanks.