Site in local with DevKinsta very slow

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My local develop site is push to the staging site.

On the staging version the site has good performance, it is fast.

On the other hand, in local, with Devkinsta, it is very slow. Would you have any advice to help me?

One question I have is that all PHP extensions are activated, is this normal? Does it slow down the site?


Hi @bruno

Apologies for the delayed reply. There have been some recent reports of slowness with DevKinsta which we are looking into.

-Which OS and version are you using?
-Which CPU and generation? (For example i7-3770k, i3-8100, etc.)

If Windows…
-Are you using WSL or Hyper V? This can usually be answered by your Windows version.
Pro/Enterprise will typically be hyper-v, while Home and other versions will default to WSL/WSL2.

Unfortunately, at the moment we haven’t found a solution. Hyper V will have better performance which is due to WSL latency regarding file handling.
We’re working on reproducing this in various situations to find the root cause but need more information to accurately do so.

Your PHP extensions shouldn’t have an impact on overall speed, unless there are a very large number of them and limited system memory.


Good evening David,
Thank you for your feedback and your help.

I have a recent computer: Windows 11 home from December 2021. It works very well, really fast. Only Devkinsta works very slowly, too slowly.

I tried to add php limit 256M.

Another solution would have been instead of connecting to the localhost, we would be connected to our IP address, but this does not seem possible.

Did you found a solution ?