How to improve the performance

I’m using DevKinsta on my Windows 10 machine. It’s a great tool but so far I’m slightly less enthusiastic about the performance, more specifically the page load times for the website that I’m developing locally.

It’s a very basic website which loads lightning fast on Kinsta hosting so it’s not the website itself that is causing the load delays. And of course I understand that it’s hard to get the same page load times on a local development machine when comparing to Kinsta hosting.
However, page load times of up to 10 seconds or sometimes even longer are not very helpful when testing changes in the local environment. At times, the pages load faster but it varies a lot and in general it’s always (very) slow.

Is there anything that can be done to improve/tweak the performance?
I did a bit of browsing and looked at info on the Docker website etc. but couldn’t find anything obvious that would help so far.

Hi @GoldyOnline . I’m very sorry for the trouble here. This appears to be a bug and our devs are taking a look at this. It shouldn’t be slow :disappointed:

ah ok thanks, then I’ll keep an eye on the topic where the bug is being discussed, let’s hope it will be fixed soon:)