Why my local site is so slow?

Q: I use Devkinsta to create my local site in my website at 09/26/2022, but the local site is too slow to edit my website! I think the local site will be very fast to give any change test in the website!

Q: DevKinsta Version2.8

Q: OS Version I’m not sure how to find the Os version.

Q: Docker Desktop Version4.12.0

Q: Were any error codes or messages observed? If so, what were they?

Q: Detailed Description of the Problem

Hi @CKLing, welcome to DevKinsta!

We have a thread on potential causes for performance issues. The possible solutions depend on what operating system you are using (MacOS, Windows or Ubuntu):

Hi Kevin, I use Windows system.
I already install Docker Desktop.
How to change to Hyper-V?
Is there any guide?

The speed is really very slow in Windows 10 system.

Using Hyper-V is the best solution for Windows (not this will not work for Windows HOME edition so you should make sure you are using Pro or Enterprise). Here is a good video for Windows 10: How to enable Hyper-V in Windows 10 step by step - YouTube

So if your Windows version supports Hyper-V and you have enabled virtualization, I recommend DELETING your site within DevKinsta before you switch to Hyper-V. This is because you will not be able to access a site created using WSL2 after switching to Hyper-V.

Once you have deleted your sites you just need to open Docker Desktop and click on the “Troubleshoot” button at the top:

Under “General” you will need to uncheck the “Use the WSL 2 based Engine” box then “Apply & Restart”

When Docker restarts, you will be prompted to allow sharing with certain DevKinsta directories. You just need to accept everything and DevKinsta will begin working with Hyper-V

i am also facing this issue, i think you keep WSL2, beause it is best speed more than Hyper-V

Oh… that’s too bad.
I’m using Windows 10 HOME edition…
So is there any better solution for Windows 10 HOME edition?

So our developers are going to try to modify the way the site files are stored on local systems so DevKinsta will eventually be faster even on WSL2 without changes. Usually WSL2 IS faster than Hyper-V but since Docker is accessing site files directly from Windows, a delay occurs/leads to slowness.

For now there are only a few options:

  1. Try to modify your .wslconfig file to see if giving Docker more resources helps (advanced): Advanced settings configuration in WSL | Microsoft Learn
    windows 10 - docker on wsl2 very slow - Stack Overflow

  2. There are people who say they have gotten Hyper-V working on Home Edition but this involves making advance PC changes: Hyper-V enabled on Windows 10 Home, verified. · Issue #915 · MicrosoftDocs/Virtualization-Documentation · GitHub

  3. If you can get Ubuntu Desktop running on your computer, DevKinsta is basically fastest on Ubuntu/Linux.

But if none of those are options, I recommend waiting for our performance update. I’m not sure when it will be completed but this is definitely a high priority for our developers.

Thank you Kevin,
I’m not good at this system settings, and I don’t have so much time to test these options.
In my situation, it’s faster to use kinsta’s cloud staging environment to update and test my website.
It’s really a very slow local site in my experience.
And I hope kinsta team can provide a fastest solution than flywheel did as faster as you can.

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The solution to this issue is really straight forward and has been for a really long time, but for whatever reason DevKinsta is not prioritizing it’s implementation. The lag is introduced by accessing the windows file system from WSL2. The solution is to allow storing site files in WSL2, which is straight forward as they resolve to a network path \\wsl$\ however they do not let you change the file directory to this and thus the slowdown.