WordPress instance under a domain in a folder


I need to install a WordPress site in a folder under a site such that:

https://mysite.org is a non WordPress site, containerized and with alternate names. HTTPS is enforced for the site. I want to create a containerized WordPress instance in a folder and this instance will run with the site URL https://mysite.org/blog. That is to say “/blog” folder will point to this WordPress instance. How can we configure this?

Hi @amaretto, sorry we do not currently have this feature built into DevKinsta but you can request easy Reverse Proxy setup/configuration here.

The process would involve you editing the NGINX configuration for your main site and blog site similar to this configuration. The problem here, though, is that your configuration changes will be lost every time the NGINX server is restarted. If you still want to look into reconfiguration NGINX configuration, we have an explanation here.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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