Creating a Site Without WordPress

For my development I want to run some HTML/js pages outside of WordPress. Is there an option to create a generic website, that is a website that does not have WordPress preinstalled?

Hi @CCC . Welcome to DevKinsta! I’m afraid at this time DevKinsta only supports WordPress. We are open to suggestions in our feedback category though!

I figured it out. Just delete the installed WordPress folders. You could make it easier by having a checkbox to install WordPress or not. If not installing WordPress. Create template index.html that says Welcome to DevKinsta. …

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Thanks for the feedback @CCC

Why I’m not yet using DevKinsta and staying with old solution

  1. Use case - I’m creating a plugin, plus a native browser app (in TypeScript) that the plugin invokes. For development, I use Windows directory junction points (hard links) in \wp-content\plugins to my plugin. This allows me to make changes in my development tools, in my development folder, that is instantly visible inside WordPress thanks to the Windows junction point (hardlink)
  2. When using DevKinsta, NGINX sees this junction point as a softlink (WSL command line shows it as a soft link) and realizes my dev folder is outside of the site config and refuses to load it based on config rules. I could not find an easy way to change this via a command line, plus was guessing that since I’m making a change inside a container, my change might disappear on the next update.
  3. This is a limit based on my use case. Not a bug of any type.
  4. That said, this cloud native (docker, etal) is the right architecture. It performed great when testing. After I learn more about NGINX aliases or it get’s added to the DevKinsta UI I’ll move to it!

Thank you for creating this. Today, I have WordPress sites on GoDaddy, Bluehost, SightGround and InMotion, I need to move them all to Kinsta :slight_smile:

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Drupal is another open-source CMS that enables you to create virtually any site you can imagine.