504 Gateway Time-out errors when loading any page in local environment

Hmm interesting - disabled one non-essential plugin for local dev from this (for a feature I’m not personally working on, but will probably need to use in the future),

Theme my login is kind of essential as we use it in production

It seems to be struggling with external networking communication/authentications though? Maybe there’s an external network speed bottleneck somewhere?

That’s a good clue; it sounds a lot like this issue: cURL error 28: Resolving timed out | WordPress.org

It might not be plugin specific but definitely network related. My best guess based on that thread is that this has to do with IPv6. I think you have to make sure connections are made over IPv4. It’s odd that nobody else has reported this exact issue yet, though.

My router has IPv6 disabled so maybe try that if you have the option. You could also test by connecting to mobile data/a hot spot to rule out the router, but I know iPhones usually use IPv6 as well so you may run into the same issue.

I’m going to keep an eye out for anyone having the same issue/try to reproduce this on our end, though.

Just had a check and my router doesn’t seem to support IPv6 anyway, plus I’m usually running a VPN which also doesn’t support IPv6

Huh, weird. I’m going to assume it’s the same with/without the VPN, right?

I still feel like it has to be Network related but I’m at a loss now. Can you screenshot what the HTTP calls on the updates page looks like for you?

I’ll ask our Devs and QA team to add this to their testing routine. Maybe they will see where the issue is. For now I’m not seeing anyone else with this exact issue. The only clue is that you didn’t start having this issue until a few weeks ago but I’m sure you would know if anything had changed with your Network/setup.

Sorry for the delay - here’s the screenshot

Yeah, if you’re seeing something similar with brand new WP sites in DevKinsta then something is either blocking the requests originating from the container or they just aren’t getting routed correctly through your network.

My last test would be seeing if disabling HTTPS on a brand new WP site helped with the timeouts. I doubt it would, though. I’m honestly at a loss here. If more people reported something similar/there was a way to reproduce this then I would say it was a DK/Docker issue but this is so isolated.

I’m guessing you can’t even download new plugins via the WP backend, right? Or trying to update plugins doesn’t work at all?

If we could see this same issue happening on a different machine then we could more easily narrow it down but right now it’s very tough to figure out.

The last thing we didn’t try was completely uninstalling Docker/DevKinsta but that would only be feasible if you have your local sites uploaded to Kinsta already or had backups that you could restore.

We also released DevKinsta 2.7.0 but I doubt just updating would magically fix this.

I previously tried uninstalling/reinstalling the sites, docker, devkinsta, etc at the start of this issue before coming to the forum and that didn’t seem to fix anything.

Just tried updating a plugin, it was super slow and eventually conked out

Update failed: 504 Gateway Time-out 504 Gateway Time-out nginx

I think I tried a non-https site at one point but that didn’t seem to change things. I think I’m just at the point of acceptance now that there might not be a way to find out what’s wrong here, and just put up with the insane load times.