Ability to Ignore Development Files From Syncing

The ability to exclude/ignore files used only for development would be a welcome addition. Giving the option to ignore items such as dot config files, node_modules, package.json, etc. A similar request is posted here, but I believe the feature should go further than just ignoring node_modules.


Thank you for the feature request @deadband !

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A request for the ability to not push/pull uploads is asked here, and I believe this would also be a beneficial addition.

A syncing function within DevKinsta that worked more like rsync would be excellent, with the ability to ignore specific files/directories and only sync those with changes.


+10 to this. Ability to completely exclude whole directories, such as backups from wp-content/uploads, would be very welcome.

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I approve this great idea! :smile:

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Hello everyone, I’m just announcing that file/folder exclusion is now live in version 2.8.0: DevKinsta Releases (Minor) - #13 by Kevin