Sync files with git

My site has a lot of images, over 20 gigs. It takes forever to pull and push changes via the current method of creating a site backup, uploading, and downloading.

Why can’t dev kinsta use git? Git won’t have to pull every file, only the changed files. It would make the transfer time so much faster.

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Hi @Dan_Foley :slight_smile:

DevKinsta uses Rsync method when doing that pull or push site processes.

Thank you for your input/concern. For now I will pass this (as a feature request) to our internal team, so that they can check and review if it’s possible to implement/to use git instead - though we can’t promise anything yet about it.

When new feature(s) is/are available in the new DevKinsta version, we will post it on our forum’s thread.


Hello again :slight_smile:

I’ve got an update from our internal devs team, and 1 of them mentioned that DevKinsta is not using git essentially because the sync feature is not for version control - it is for syncing files up (upload/push site) and down (download/pull site) to and from a server.

With our current sync approach, it is already possible to select and deselect files that you don’t want to sync as mentioned in our docs here and here.
Our internal dev also mentioned that the default sync mode is “delta sync”, so theoretically it shouldn’t take ages to do even a full sync. But if you change a few files and you only want to sync those, they recommend you using the File Selector feature of our sync and select only the files which were modified (as mentioned above). That way, you can omit (exclude) all the old images making it slower.