Ability to Upload Custom Nginx Rules

Hi I need some custom Nginx rules.
When I edit the file /etc/nginx/sites/sitename.conf , the modifications are wiped.

So, on Jeff suggestion, I am asking for the ability to upload custom nginx rules from DevKinsta that will stick on restarts .



Thanks Alex,

For reference: Are NGINX rules transfert to and from DevKinsta? - #7 by jeff

+1 for this feature.

Add the ability to easily configure some Nginx options, e.g. change the document root folder.

I have requested this as Roots Bedrock requires some configuration.

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Thanks for the suggestion @mtsnk !

This would be super helpful!

Wanted to add that I too think this would be a vital edition, especially given that currently there is no good way to handle this with DevKinsta.

Is this on the roadmap?

(Also, please consider making the roadmap visible or even showing which suggestions are “accepted” and then “in development”)



Need this feature too !!

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