Can you use Dev Kinsta with a Roots Bedrock project?

I have setup my first DevKinsta site but I want to use Roots Bedrock with the Sage theme. I can change the nginx config to point to the bedrock installation (and not the default) but when I save it, it still uses the default. Is it possible to do this and if so, the steps?

Hi @mikelythcott, welcome to DevKinsta!

I’m assuming you were basically doing what was discussed in this thread?

Did you reload/restart nginx after you made your changes?

Yes, but restarting just restores the original settings.

Are you restarting the container within Docker?

Restarting the Docker container would restore the settings but running service nginx reload would be required for your changes to actually be applied. You need to actually reload or restart NGINX in order for your changes to be applied. Here’s a relevant post on this.