Open-source DevKinsta

We use a docker-based setup for other services that we need to setup and develop locally. DevKinsta appears to be docker-based as well, but the functionality exposed to end-users through the UI is extremely limited. After scrolling through the issues in this forum, it’s clear that basic functionality that I would expect from any local development toolkit is not available through DevKinsta. This includes:

  1. Modifying webserver configurations (in this case, nginx configs) and having those changes instantly reflected after a restart
  2. Adding additional hostnames, and generating TLS certificates for those hostnames.
  3. Working seamlessly with a software development process that includes version control (like git).

I can’t image that anything in DevKinsta is terribly proprietary, given that it’s just an electron app wrapped around docker-compose. Please open source this code, so that users can fork it, hack on it, contribute needed improvements, and leave feedback through a public ticketing system, instead of this weird forum that I will probably never log on to again.

Hi @Cristina_Munoz,
Regarding the ability to change webserver configurations, if you need to, you can edit the sitename.conf file located in DevKinsta/nginx_sites. The changes will be shown once you restart the Nginx container in Docker.
I will pass the rest of your feedback as a feature request to our devs. They will review and discuss the ways and means of it and see if it can be implemented one day.

We currently have no plans to release DevKinsta as open source but as in the past we have received a similar request, I’ll pass this along.


Just a quick message to let you know that the latest DevKinsta version includes an editor for site-level Nginx configuration files.