Adminer is showing in debug mode

Adminer works but it seems to be set in debug mode and its showing tons of errors, making it difficult to use.

Every column has an error in it like:

**Warning**: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in **/var/www/html/adminer.php** on line **1484** 

**Warning**: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in **/var/www/html/adminer.php** on line **1484**

And all sorts of places.

Where are the show debug settings configured?

Hi @rtpHarry! Thank you for reaching out to us on the community forums!

We are aware of an issue with the current version of Adminer distributed with the related DevKinsta container. Our development team is reviewing options for a solution.

However, in the meantime this workaround may help resolve the problem. This will replace the Adminer version with AdminerEvo which we have seen fixes these warnings. You may find details in the thread below about how to try this workaround:

Please let us know if this helps or if you need any further assistance!

Best regards

thanks for your help. I did try to use the forum search to see if this was being discussed before I posted. Not sure what terms I used but it didn’t bring this thread up.

One thing im cautious about is, if I run this command, this going to need me to research a new command when it the core devkinsta issue is fixed?

Is there somewhere I can find the “url” of the current container that devkinsta_db uses, so that I can easily revert back to the main functionality when its fixed; otherwise I assume I am rightly on my own for any future support issues if I’m using an unrelated container?

(Not sure if im using the terminology right, devkinsta is the first time im working with docker technologies)

Actually i think i might have answered my own query.

I thought that the command was swapping out the devkinsta_db which was the adminer container.

But what its doing is giving it permission to see the database server devkinsta_db (adminer is in devkinsta_adminer)

So running that command will have an extra adminerevo container running that can be accessed via a specific url, and then the original adminer container is still running, which, when fixed, can be used again as the primary access method.

And while im using this alternative version I wont be able to use the database manager button with devkinsta, it will need to be accessed directly via the url.

OK yeah i’m back up and running with the solution from the linked topic, thanks!

Hi @rtpHarry Thank you for the update. Great to know that the workaround has helped you!
Let us know if you have other questions.

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