Advantage of using Kinsta for headless wordpress FE

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We are currently using kinsta to host our Wordpress application. The Wordpress application mostly powers our website and we are on a plan to move it to headless with graphql and We see that kinsta provides application hosting and we believe that it may support nextjs application. Is there any advantage of using this since we have our headless Wordpress hosted by kinsta as well or are we better off in using something else ? Just a thought on cost as well as other advantage will be highly appreciated. Has anyone used kinsta to host both headless Wordpress as well as it’s FE ?

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While others may have more experience setting up headless WordPress, I can confirm that the Headless WP with GraphQL & Faust.js app should function smoothly through our app hosting.

By the way, combining a headless WordPress with Next.js on Kinsta brings numerous benefits. It enhances website performance and user experience by leveraging WordPress’s UI improvements and Next.js’s advanced features.

Kinsta’s hosting platform offers seamless integration and configuration flexibility, simplifying deployment and maintenance. Additionally, Kinsta ensures high performance, scalability, and security for the entire application stack, providing a reliable hosting environment. Overall, developers can effortlessly create modern and dynamic web experiences with headless WordPress and Next.js on Kinsta.

For more info about the advantages of our Application hosting, please refer to this article:

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