Django Hosting on Kinsta

I know its offensive to ask this question here…

Can you please consider a managed hosting for Django as well :scream:

i’d migrate my 120 clients on WP to django in a month
still, Kinsta is awesome

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Hi @davidjeba, I’ve added your feature requests to our internal MyKinsta Feature Requests! I’d be excited to see Django support as well!

Hi David @davidjeba :wave:

Apologies for the delayed update to you on this.
While it’s not managed hosting for Django, we do offer Python support on our new Application Hosting service.

This isn’t a managed hosting service like you’re used to with our Wordpress hosting, though with application hosting you can create your Django/Python application on Github to deploy it, and populate the database for it manually in the Database Hosting service we also offer.

While we won’t be able to offer application-level support for it, it should be possible. Please feel free to check out the following links for more information:

We will also keep your feature request in mind for Managed Django hosting and let you know if this is offered in the future!

Thats a great news, i have 3 clients in django running on

as days goes by the requirements from clients are also getting challenging.
let me give a brief inputs i got from my clients and the challenges im going through.

Wordpress + elementor users dont prefer to move to django yet. They prefer to migrate to wix because they are low/no-code users

Wordpress + who wants to customize backend heavily prefers to go to Django

many creative website owners who are into metaverse and web3d doesnt have a choice as none of the cms out there support webgl natively

framework7 + SvelteKit is one of the favorite choice for PWA website requirements but framework7 is mobile-only framework, if it becomes a mobile-first and desktop-responsive framework it will be a huge hit for sure

My suggestions, if you can build your own drag and drop website like wix based on django it will be a preferred whitelabeled platform for startup agencies to manage their clients

Im evaluating Cloudflare’s D1 and SurrealDB

i will recommend Kinsta’s services for any potential clients

I thought, Kinsta wont take these requests serious.
Wow, Kinsta is really focussed on business.

This is an important thread, can you rename this thread to “Django hosting on Kinsta”
pleople should discover this post

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