All local sites redirect to latest added Kinsta environment

Hello, I have this strange issue that everytime I add a new local website, all the other websites redirect to the latest added website. Also the ports of the newest added website are different from all the others:

“old websites” ports: 62090 / 62091
“new website” ports: 59723 / 59724

Also all the screenshots of the websites in DevKinsta overview are the same screenshot of the latest added website.

Hopefully you can help me with this.


Hi Angelo :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen/encountered this reported issue myself on my local environments (both in Linux Ubuntu and Windows machines) so not quite sure yet what’s causing it on your end.
I’ve also tried once again now to replicate on my end, but all still worked fine as expected - I changed the Ports to custom numbers and then created new site, but all the other (old) websites were not affected at all (and still could load their sites’ contents properly/correctly), and the ports of their sites were all got changed to that same new custom port numbers I chose.

Could you please send the screenshot of your DevKinsta - (click on the bottom left icon) → Settings → Port selector section here?


Hi Agus, soooo strange. I will dm you with the files. Thanks!

Thank you for sending those screenshots and the main.log file as well Angelo! :slight_smile:

Can you please try to un-check/ un-tick that option (auto-detect open ports) from the Port Selector section?

and then please set manually both for the HTTP and HTTPS fields, let’s say to: 62090 (HTTP) / 62091 (HTTPS) , and then click the confirm button.

After that, please check if all sites (old and new) are loading properly (each site loads its correct contents? and not redirect to the latest added site)?

Last time in the other thread I noticed you mentioned that same port numbers (62090 / 62091) before , and somehow now it changed to that new ports ( 59723 / 59724 ). So I suspect if that “Auto-detect open ports” might be the issue here (as you have another web service that runs on the default ports), and you may try to un-check/un-tick that option as I mentioned above and just set them to that fixed custom ports above (62090 / 62091), see if that will help.

Also worth to check the NGINX config files for each of your local sites, and be sure to set them all with the same port numbers defined there (just the same method you tried before in that previous thread) and clear your browser’s cache if needed.


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Hi Argus, yes this worked! Thank you so much for your help and for remembering the last issue.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Cheers, Angelo

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