Apple M1 Compatibility

Please update your FAQ to mention that Apple M1 devices don’t work at present :slight_smile:

(at least until Docker offers M1 support other than their Tech Preview version - which I am assuming you’d rather we didn’t do workarounds for now?)


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Thanks for reporting! Docker has a beta version for Apple M1 support. It can be downloaded here. Once installed, run Docker itself before starting DevKinsta back up. Hopefully Docker releases Apple M1 support soon!


Haha, I knew you would be in here @chrish. :sweat_smile:

I can confirm the preview version of Docker does work on my Mac mini M1 and DevKinsta.


Just installed the M1 Tech Preview and can confirm it is working.

Was previously just using DevKinsta on my iMac desktop so hadn’t encountered this issue before :slight_smile:

and yes @brianleejackson, of course, I am here haha! :smiley:

Thanks guys! :pray: