devKinsta Will Not Launch / Hangs on DK0006 Error

Just installed Docker and devKinsta on an M1 Max running machine (using Apple chipcode for each installer). devKinsta will not launch, hanging on the “Couldn’t download docker images” error. Uninstalled and reinstalled (after a reboot) both dK and Docker, same result.

Hi @thatdevinguy :wave:

I don’t have an M1 Max, just an M1 Pro. Did Docker Desktop start first before launching DevKinsta?

And, in Docker Desktop → Settings → Advanced, is the installation option set to System, and the two options below it are checked?

Let me know if you can take a screenshot of that, or simply confirm the settings, and restart Docker Desktop, and retry in DevKinsta.


Otherwise, reply here if this doesn’t fix the issue, and we’ll try something else

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The “privileged port” checkbox was unchecked… clicked that, and we’re off to the races. Mark it, Dude.

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