Can deleting site from dev kinsta also result in deleting site from my kinsta

i am kinsta user i am using dev kinsta as a staging tool but whenever i tried to delete site after my work done its shows an error that this will going to delete site
i am not sure about that
is deleting site from dev kinsta also results it in deleting from my kinsta ?

Hi @sidharthgarg100, welcom to DevKinsta!

I’m assuming you are talking about this popup:

When you delete your website from DevKinsta it will not affect or delete your live/staging sites in MyKinsta. This will only delete the files and database from your local computer.

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Thanks a lot.

This one should appear directly on documentation, in my humble opinion. Or, the prompt in DevKinsta may be clearly rewrite.

Best regards.

Hey @JonathanBesson , welcome to Kinsta Community!
Thank you for your feedback, I’ll pass it to the relevant team :+1: