Deleting a site?

How do you delete a site in DevKinsta?
I created a new site - but can’t use it as I was unable to copy the Admin Password ( why not? Please make this possible as the passwords are not memorable or easy to type so copying to a password Manager is essential. ) I can’t use the forgotten password link as my Admin username isn’t recognised and I didn’t get to set an email address for it. *** fixed this part, typo of course! ***
So I want to delete the site and start again … but can’t see an easy way to do this. I have other sites in DevKinsta I want to keep.


Hi @alanj!
You can delete a site within DevKinsta on the Sites page. The option appears when you click the “3 dots” icon.

The default admin email address for password resets would be info@whateveryoursitenameis.local
This will send the reset email to the DevKinsta mailbox and give you a password reset link.

You could also use the database manager to change your password but the above method is most straighforward.

Please let me know if you run into any issues!

Ah how did i miss that?
Many thanks

Re the password resets …

There is an additional problem to be aware of. My sites use WP SMTP to send all emails out via SMTP. This is not migrated when importing my Kinsta sites. So any emails, including the Password Resets, are sent out into the world never to be seen again as they are not routed to the local email server within DevKinsta.
I have to disable the plugin to get it to work.

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You’re welcome, @alanj!
Thank you for that heads up! I hadn’t even considered that.

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