Can we get an updated guide for using Xdebug 3 and PHPStorm with DevKinsta?

I’m using DevKinsta on Windows 10 Pro. I have the website set up but I need to attach PHPStorm to it to debug some issues. There is an old guide from 2021 at Guide: How to set up Xdebug (on DevKinsta) with PhpStorm but I am not sure it is up-to-date and I don’t want to screw up anything.

It would be great if DevKinsta could provide us with regularly updated guides to using PHPStorm and VS Code to debug WordPress apps using the latest Xdebug versions.

So far DevKinsta is working like a champ. I am thinking of moving my sites from Cloudways to DevKinsta if I can get this debugging thing licked.

Cloudways support is fantastic but it is not very developer friendly from a remote development standpoint. At least with DevKinsta and Docker I can have something that works faster than XAMPP and, if I move them all to DevKinsta servers, it looks like a simple click to upload the latest build of a site.

Hi @kittenofd00m

Enabling XDebug has been added to the DevKinsta UI as of version 2.9.0. After reviewing the article you shared, it seems that you can skip steps A and B and simply enable XDebug in the DevKinsta UI. Then, proceed directly to step C to configure PHPStorm.

Although, It is always recommended to make a backup of your data before making any changes.

I have also forwarded your feedback to our developers, and hopefully, we can release an official help page for configuring PHPStorm. :slight_smile:

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