Changing root in nginx reverts upon close

I have read through the config here and the steps work fine, although I have to open the terminal from the Docker GUI rather than with docker exec -it devkinsta_nginx bash

So the steps i do are:

  1. Open terminal window on devkinsta_nginx
  2. Run cd etc/nginx/sites/
  3. Run nano mysite.conf
  4. Change the root from /www/kinsta/public/mysite to /www/kinsta/public/mysite/webroot
  5. Exit and save, then nginx -s reload

Site works fine but my site root within DevKinsta still shows the old one. If I close DevKinsta or start/stop site it then reverts back to the original root.

Do i have to do these steps every time i work on a job?

Hi @reformatco, welcome to DevKinsta!
Yes, unfortunately you will need to redo any NGINX container changes every time the NGINX container is restarted. I know our developers had this on their radar a while back but please feel free to submit a Feature Request for easier NGINX configuration just to “bump” this issue up.