Error trying to clone a bedrock like wordpress project

Hi guys,

I am trying to clone my Bedrock-like Wordpress project using devKinsta. But it fails every time throwing this error: DevKinsta Error Codes - Kinsta®

It makes sense because the wp-config.php is not in the regular path. It is at web/wp-config.php.

Is there any workaround around this?

Kind regards

Hello @ltroya-as Luis :wave: Welcome to DevKinsta community!

Currently only the standard WordPress install/structure is supported by DevKinsta, and the implementation of Bedrock/Trellis is not supported by default with DevKinsta . So yeah, you’re correct that it’s because DevKinsta couldn’t find that wp-config.php file (due to the structure of Bedrock).

These have been discussed in the other threads as well (related to Bedrock) that you may want to check such as: here , here and here .
You might also require to edit the NGINX config to make it work (to change the document root folder), but again we won’t be able to provide support for these bedrock settings in DevKinsta. With DevKinsta 2.10.0 version, there’s a new feature which allows users to edit their site-level NGINX configuration file.


Hi @Agus,

Understood. I will give a shot at those options.

Is it planned to add support for those types of projects in the future?


Hi Luis :slight_smile:
Sure, please take your time!

It may be added in the future release/version of DevKinsta, but we can’t promise anything yet and can’t tell when it will be available/released (no ETA). When it’s available, we will announce/post it on our community forum.


Any update on a timeline for possible deeper support for Bedrock?

@gilad Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not have any updates to share or any ETA as to when there will be support for Bedrock sites in DevKinsta. We will definitely share any new developments as soon as information becomes available.