Cannot access site

So I’ve seen another post that asked days ago about the local site cannot being accessed because it’s all greyed out, now I’ve encountered the same problem.

I’ve already removed the error in the config.json and changed the host file status to running, restarted the laptop but it still not working.

This is the second time that the problem happened. The first time when it’s all greyed out and I deleted the site, then add a new one. The new one works until I restarted my laptop, and now the issue happen again for the second time.

Hi @karchung0930, thank you for reaching out. I will share info on this with our developers as well. Can you please private message your config.json to me as well as the main.log?

Feel free to sensor any private information/passwords. I will delete anything confidential before sharing the files either way.

Hi @karchung0930, just letting you know that I was able to reproduce the error and wrote a more indepth explanation of how to get around it. Please let us know if that doesn’t work: Local site greyed out - #18 by Kevin

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